Application process

Stage I.  Online submission and initial screening 

Stage II.  You will be contacted via email after initial review of your online submission.  Please be prepared to submit resume, provide references, and interview with us in person or by phone.

Stage III.  You're hired! 


Current available positions (in bold):

Customer Service Agent (full time, 8am - 5pm) 

Rental Agent II  (full time, 8 hr shifts)    

Office Manager (full time, 8am - 5pm)             

Car detailer II (full time, 8 hr shifts)                            

Accounts Clerk (full time, 8am - 5pm)  

Explorer Club Nanny & Kids' Shuttle Driver (Part Time, Variable Shifts)

Explorer Club Courier & Concierge  (Part Time, Variable Shifts)

Explorer Club Driver/Taxi Driver  (Part Time, Variable Shifts)

Rental Agent I  (Part Time, Variable Shifts)

Car Detailer I  (part time, variable shifts)

Customer Care & Administrative Associate (Part Time, Variable Shifts)